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All the trimmings

Extra things which complete or improve the appearance of something. “In my family, we have always had Christmas with all the trimmings, so we have a Christmas tree, decorations, gifts, … Continue reading

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To make a repeated gentle ringing sound, or to make things do this. Ex: She waited for him by the car, jingling the keys in her hand. The coins jingled in … Continue reading

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The night before Christmas

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The Snowman

The Snowman is a children’s book without words by English author Raymond Briggs, first published in 1978. In 1982, this tale -the story of a boy who builds a snowman on … Continue reading

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Santa’s Christmas

  Christmas Quiznet

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A happy or religious song, usually one sung at Christmas.

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A belief, principle or way of acting which people in a particular society or group have continued to follow for a long time. What do you usually eat at Christmas? … Continue reading

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The Nativity

The birth of Jesus Christ, which is celebrated by Christians at Christmas. A story that can be told digitally …….. or by kids. Before watching the video, answer with your … Continue reading

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/ˈtsaɪt.gaɪst/ The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time. Ex: This video captures the zeitgeist of 2012.   … Continue reading

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Dirty little secret

DETOX  (Infml.Detoxify) Remove toxic substances from something. Become free of harmful substances. “If you look at the colour of the rivers in Mexico and China, you can tell  what next season’s … Continue reading

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Give someone a legal right or a just claim to receive or do something. Eleanor Roosevelt with the Spanish version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.   On 10 December 1948 … Continue reading

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Tech Savvy

Confident and knowledgeable in using technology. Last Monday, texting turned 20. It was that day when the engineer Neil Papworth sent the first text message from his computer to a  mobile … Continue reading

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AmE (Infml) Stupid. “Dumb Ways to Die” is the name of an Australian safety campaign ordered by a train company from Melbourne, which has gone viral in a few weeks … Continue reading

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It’s not fair

“From an identity standpoint, what does it mean to have a disability? Pamela Anderson has more prosthetic in her body than I do. Nobody calls her disabled” comments Aimee Mullins, … Continue reading

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