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Describes sleep in which you do not dream. “When you have nothing else to lose and all the doors close while being pursued, only your mind will let you dream”. … Continue reading

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The Snowman

The Snowman is a children’s book without words by English author Raymond Briggs, first published in 1978. In 1982, this tale -the story of a boy who builds a snowman on … Continue reading

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A form of words used as a magical charm or incantation. A state of enchantment caused by a magic spell. An ability to control or influence people as though one … Continue reading

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A vehicle consisting of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel. THE MAN WHO LIVED … Continue reading

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The Goodies

….and the baddies: people, especially in a film or a story, who are good or bad. “After many millennia of being tortured in Hell, Raymond has finally earned a chance … Continue reading

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He has been working all day long. How long will it take to get there? It must be a long drive but it has been his lifelong desire, and in … Continue reading

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Some catchy melodies latch onto you , no matter if they are your favourite or not, pursuing you everywhere, distracting you , driving you nuts…..and then…. Distraxion from Mike Stern on Vimeo. What … Continue reading

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The Alphabet

Alpha, alpha and omega, alphabet, alphabetic, alphabetical, alphabetical order, alphabetically, alphabetize, alphabetization……. alphabet soup: a confused, confusing, or unrelated mixture of things, ( so called because of a type of … Continue reading

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Black Hole

Cosmic body of extremely intense gravity from which nothing, not even light, can escape. ………He should have known that, shouldn’t he? What would you do if you found it? What … Continue reading

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