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A film or television show made in the style of a documentary to make invented events seem real. “Modern Family” has been awarded leading comedy in the recent Emmy Awards for the fourth time. This series, which is presented in … Continue reading

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Our shared journey

The BBC has been teaching English for 70 years. In this video, learners from around the world talk about their shared journey. What about you? Why did you start to … Continue reading

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Side by side

Close together and facing the same way. Pierre Dulaine, the well-known ballroom dancer, returns to Jaffa, his birthplace, with the idea of fulfilling his lifelong dream: teaching Jewish and Palestinian … Continue reading

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Swing along

“Jazz is the music of freedom”. That’s how Irina Bokova, Unesco Director  General, described this type of music while presenting  April 30th  as the International Jazz Day. The aim of this celebration … Continue reading

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The act of moving. Change of place or posture. Transference, by any means, from one situation to another. Natural or appropriate motion. Progress. Advancement. (Webster Dictionary) “A footballer, kickboxer, modern … Continue reading

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The beginning of something. Books for me are the beginning of an adventure, an open window to uncertainty, meeting people -some of them old  acquaintances , others totally strangers- feelings no … Continue reading

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Hello stranger

“You matter to me. In a way I cannot explain, you matter to me. And you, you are a marvel… you and all the parts of you.” This is not the … Continue reading

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A situation where roads in a town become so blocked by cars that it is impossible for any traffic to move. There are more than a billion cars in the … Continue reading

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The frequency and severity of disasters have increased over the last few years as a result of climate change. Disasters are not natural, they only occur when people lack preparedness … Continue reading

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Hotel Living

There are a  lot of reasons to live in a hotel: you  are on a  business trip, your house is being repaired, you consider it an adventure, or many others. … Continue reading

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A poem is a piece of writing in which the words are arranged in separate lines, often ending in rhyme, and are chosen for their sound and for the images and … Continue reading

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 The protection of plants and animals, natural areas, and interesting and important structures and buildings, especially from the damaging effects of human activity. For the last two weeks, delegates from … Continue reading

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Dog TV

Dog TV, a channel just for dogs successfully launched in the United States last year , is now been broadcast by an Israeli TV company. The main purpose is to comfort … Continue reading

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An image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations. Harlem Shake, the viral video which … Continue reading

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