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Light polllution

Brightening of the night sky that inhibits the observation of stars and planets, caused by street lights and other man-made sources. After landmark buildings across the world faded into darkness … Continue reading

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Dirty little secret

DETOX  (Infml.Detoxify) Remove toxic substances from something. Become free of harmful substances. “If you look at the colour of the rivers in Mexico and China, you can tell  what next season’s … Continue reading

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Wee Wise Words

Little sapient words. “Wee Wise Words” is an animation series broadcast on  Northern Ireland, in which its  youngest citizens give their opinion about various subjects. This time children from primary schools … Continue reading

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Shake and Fold

Joe Smith, a powerful advocate for proper paper towel use, shows us how to reduce the amount of paper drastically with two simple words SHAKE and FOLD, which you won’t … Continue reading

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The European Commission is to publish proposals in the spring designed to reduce the number of plastic bags used in Europe each year. Most of the 15,000 people who took … Continue reading

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New research indicates that if seawater continues to acidify at the rate currently seen then the marine environment could lose about 30% of the diverse life forms that exist within … Continue reading

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A vegan is a vegetarian who omits all animal products from the diet.  The environmental veganism rejects the use of animals products maintaining that this industrial practice is environmentally damaging and … Continue reading

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