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What would you do IF you could put an end to hunger forever? A recent UN report has offered a possible answer to that question: eating more insects.¬† The authors … Continue reading

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Rising beef prices and a public preference for cheap food were contributory factors leading to the horsemeat scandal. The horsemeat scandal erupted in January when tests in Ireland revealed some … Continue reading

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Not easily satisfied; having very high standards or very fixed standards about particular things. Half of all food wasted Are you fussy about what you eat? What can we do … Continue reading

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All the trimmings

Extra things which complete or improve the appearance of something. “In my family, we have always had Christmas with all the trimmings, so we have a Christmas tree, decorations, gifts, … Continue reading

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GM food

Genetically modified food: food from crops whose genes have been scientifically changed. Since genetically modified food was first put on the market in 1996, there has been much controversy as … Continue reading

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The best selling cookie of the 20th century, consisting of a white filling¬† (or cream) sandwiched between two black biscuits, has recently celebrated its centenary in US and four other … Continue reading

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