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Rising beef prices and a public preference for cheap food were contributory factors leading to the horsemeat scandal. The horsemeat scandal erupted in January when tests in Ireland revealed some … Continue reading

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Love line

How does love make you feel? Does love turn you upside down? Do you prefer to love or to be loved? Are there any rules to love? What colour/ smell/ … Continue reading

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To behave in a dishonest way in order to get what you want. Armstrong’s confession Why do sports people take prohibited substances?  It is important to be honest? “You can … Continue reading

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Not easily satisfied; having very high standards or very fixed standards about particular things. Half of all food wasted Are you fussy about what you eat? What can we do … Continue reading

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Tech Savvy

Confident and knowledgeable in using technology. Last Monday, texting turned 20. It was that day when the engineer Neil Papworth sent the first text message from his computer to a  mobile … Continue reading

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Resign from a job. At first I thought that Superman himself had quitted. I wouldn’t have blamed him. So busy occupation, too many demands for a generous hand. Then, reading … Continue reading

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Guerrilla stickers

Guerrilla , as modifier, means referring to actions or activities performed in an impromptu way, often without authorization. This is one of the few words English has borrowed from Spanish.It … Continue reading

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A first-year student at university. (Informal term for freshman) Overwhelming, nerve-wracking…read about a freshers’ week.

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A system that makes it possible for many messages or large amounts of information to be sent at the same time and very quickly between computers or other electronic devices. … Continue reading

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GM food

Genetically modified food: food from crops whose genes have been scientifically changed. Since genetically modified food was first put on the market in 1996, there has been much controversy as … Continue reading

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Soap Operas

A television or radio drama serial dealing typically with daily events in the lives of the same group of characters. (The origin of this word dates back to 1930s when … Continue reading

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An action which is slightly bad or breaks a rule but is not a crime. Hundreds of US schools have police patrolling the playgrounds and corridors to keep order. But … Continue reading

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A structure like a bed containing a device for producing light, which you lie on in order to make the skin go darker. Last year, UK government banned under-18s from using … Continue reading

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To force someone to go somewhere with you, often using threats or violence. Chinese police rescued more than 24,000 abducted women and children in 2011, according to a report by … Continue reading

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