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Shakespeare’s influence on the English language is present in the many phrases we still use, some of them invented by the playwright.

Here are some collected by The Independent on his 450th birth anniversary:

“For goodness sake” – Henry VIII   /  “Neither here not there” – Othello

“Mum’s the word” – Henry VI, Part II   /  “Eaten out of house and home”  Henry IV, Part II

“Rant” – Hamlet   /  “Knock knock! Who’s there?” – Macbeth

“All’s well that ends well” – All’s Well That Ends Well /  “A wild goose chase”  Romeo and Juliet

“Assassination” – Macbeth / “Too much of a good thing” – As You Like It

“A heart of gold” – Henry V / “Such stuff as dreams are made on” – The Tempest

“Fashionable” – Troilus and Cressida /  “What the dickens” – The Merry Wives of Windsor


Not to forget the insults. Watch this interesting talk about the insults Shakespeare uses in his plays.



 Now try out the Shakespeare Insult Generator and have fun. 



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