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terms-of-endearment-A word or phrase expressing love or affection.

Everybody has their favourite terms of endearment to tell their love.”Chouchou” is Carla Bruni’s; ” babe” is Samantha Cameron’s; and “honey”  Michelle Obama’s, or at least it’s what they have publicly said.

Although some of these words could be considered international -probably due to the love songs we all listen to-, others can’t be so easily translated.For example, I wouldn’t like to be called a cauliflower, a flea, or a baby elephant, would you?

Have a look to this quick guide to the language of love around the world – dominated by metaphors from cookery and the animal kingdom – with contributions by language coach Paul Noble. 

  •  Chou (French) Little cabbage 
  • Chuchuzinho (Brazil / Portuguese) Pumpkin 
  • Tamago gata no kao (Japanese)  Egg with eyes
  • Terron de azúcar  (Spanish) Lump of sugar
  • Buah hatiku (Indonesian)  Fruit of my heart
  • Ma puce (French) My flea
  • Ghazal   (Arabic) Gazelle
  • Chang noi  (Thai) Little elephant
  • Chen yu luo yan   (Chinese) Diving fish swooping gees
  • Golubchik (masc) / golubushka (fem) (Russian) Little dove

So, don’t have a limited love vocabulary and take your beloved by surprise!

Read about the origin of these terms in Languages of Love. BBCNews.


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