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The frequency and severity of disasters have increased over the last few years as a result of climate change.

Disasters are not natural, they only occur when people lack preparedness or the ability to cope with hazards: it is the combination of an exposed and ill-prepared population or community with a hazard event that results in a disaster.

Education therefore has a vital role to play in preparing communities and building disaster resilient societies and safe lives.

Answer the following questions:

  • What do disasters create?
  • Can you remember the name of the three natural hazards mentioned?
  • How many people are affected by disasters every  year?
  • Why did some many people die in earthquakes between 2000 and 2010?
  • What affected more than 1.6 bilion people?
  • What turns a natural hazard into a disaster?
  • What’s the role of schools? What can education systems do?
  • What steps should be taken?

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With your partner, in turns, ask and answer:

  • What’s the worst natural disaster in your opinion?
  • Do you think natural disasters are happening more frequently in the world today?
  • Have you ever prepared for a natural disaster?
  • What are the most frequent natural disasters in your country?
  • What’s worse, natural disasters or manmade disasters?
  • Would you move if you lived in a country where natural disasters were common?
  • If a natural disaster hit your town, what would you do?
  • Why do you think natural disasters always seem to affect poor people most?

Source: ESL Discussions


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