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DOGTVDog TV, a channel just for dogs successfully launched in the United States last year , is now been broadcast by an Israeli TV company.

The main purpose is to comfort pets left home alone. Therefore, the content of Dog TV has been developed using scientific studies and help from expert trainers. There is no irritating barking or high-frequency sound.Instead there is music that dogs find soothing. Blue and yellow tones work effectively but not red or green because of canine colour-blindness.

Based on research into dog sleeping patterns, there is a cycle of images that provide pets with stimulation, relaxation and gradual exposure to everyday sounds. ( BBC news)

  1. Do you like dogs?Are you ever afraid of dogs?
  2. Are dogs really man’s best friend?
  3. Do you think dogs are the best kind of pet?
  4. Do you think dogs have a good life?
  5. Do you think people spend too much money on dogs?
  6. In what ways are dogs helpful to humans?
  7. Do you think some owners care too much for their dogs and not enough for other people?
  8. What do you think of people who organize dog fights?



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