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Teen curfew

curfew-photoA regulation requiring people to remain indoors between specified hours, typically at night.

What it was a regulation usually  issued during a war or a period of political trouble is becoming widespread for the under-16s, who are not allowed out after 22:00, in different countries around the world, such as the USA or now Switzerland.

“They are not allowed to visit the city, the public places, the streets alone” says a police spokesman from a Swiss town. “They can only go out if they are with their parents.”

Local authorities say the curfews are necessary to prevent noise, litter, and vandalism, a consequence, in their opinion, of people drinking.

However, this growing trend  is causing anger and frustration among the country’s teenagers.

“I don’t think this curfew is necessary,” comments a boy. “And anyway, it should be the parents who decide, not the town council. This law will just make new problems.”

And Swiss teenagers also complain that the real problem is lack of space for young people. Most clubs are either barred to under-16s, or simply too expensive. That is why, the under-16s say, so many of them socialise outside, especially in summer.

Source: BBC news

Listen to Sam Jones, the mayor of the city of Mobile, Alabama, explaining why the city has decided to impose this measure. Then, answer the questions. (Click on POST ACTIVITIES to check their possible answers)

  1.  By adopting this program, what do local authorities want to create? 
  2. Why does the city need a curfew?
  3. Will the police harass the youth?
  4. Which activities can young people attend with their parents’ permission?
  5. What do local authorities want to reduce?


And you, what’s your opinion about teen curfews?



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