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The Red Cross

  • Humanitarian organisation which aims to help those caught up in armed conflicts around the globe.
  • Its work is guided by seven principles – humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.
  • The organisation is the guardian of the Geneva Conventions – the system of humanitarian safeguards that sets out the way in which wars may be fought.
  • The Red Cross, which currently employs 13,000 people working in 92 countries, celebrates its 150 anniversary.


red cross

Although its emblem -the red cross-  was a tribute to its Switzerland founders and this country’s neutrality, some people considered it pro Christian. Therefore, International Comittee of the Red Cross created the red crescent moon. And when that was viewed as being pro Muslim, they decided to implement the red crystal (totally secular).

Watch the video to learn the story of an idea.

It was (1)_____________ and Jean-Henri Dunant, a merchant from Geneva, was on an important  (2) ________________. He was determined to be given an audience by (3)_______________ , the powerful (4) _____________ of France.

Dunant suddenly found himself in the midst of the (5) __________. He was (6) _______________. Outside the  normally quiet village of Solferino the French ansd Austrian (7) ____________ were fighting a terrible (8) ____________ . By evening thousands lie dead , dying and (9)______________ .

The medical troops simply could not (10)_____________. Dunant forgot all else. (11)____________ was crucially needed. Resolutely he set a hospital in a church where the soldiers could receive (12) ____________ and care and peace and (13)________ . He was joinde by the villagers, the women and the (14) ___________. Trey tried to help (15) ____________ they could. They treated the French and the Austrians (16) ____________.

Dunant returned to Switzerland but he could not (17) _________. His book A Memory of Solferino was published in 1862. He proposed the (18) ______________ in every country of a neutral body of (19) _____________  who could (20) _____________ protection and care for the wounded in case of  (21) ____________ .The idea was (22) ______________ .

(Click on POST ACTIVITIES to check the answers)

And this is what the Red Cross volunteers do  today:


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