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  • 3D printing: In  a process known as “additive manufacturing”, 3D objects are created by sending a digital file or scan to a printer which then builds the item layer by layer.

A new revolution , for many as important as the industrial revolution or the Internet, has just begun , and 3D printers are said to be  the centre of this process that will change the way we produce things.

For many years now, engineers and designers have been using 3D printing to create prototypes, but falling technology costs are making 3d printers  accessible to other people. Therefore, we will soon be allowed to produce what we want, when we want at home.

  • The range of objects the technology can manufacture is rapidly expanding . The fashion industry is experimenting with it to produce clothing, and  the medical sector, apart for being already used for dental work, is also developing a 3D printer that uses living cells to output a transplantable kidney.

This month architects Fosters and Partners have revealed designs for a building on the Moon that could be constructed from material already on its surface using 3d printers operated by robots.(BBC)


One comment on “3D printers

  1. Encina

    I will print the tyres for my car or much better, a new brand car. Great.

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