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A loose-fitting one-piece leisure garment for adults, covering the torso and legs. (“Onesies” is a popular brand of infant bodysuits.)

onesie cele

This warm and cosy all-in-one garment, originally designed to be worn by children, have become this winter’s must-have item.

It was sold like hot cakes in UK last Christmas (shops have reported up to a 600% rise in sales in the past 12 months), and it is said it is  perfect for a chilly night on the couch, to get comfortable after a long day at work, or to recover from an intense night party.

Those who, even reluctantly, have tried it on maintain they can take it off. Besides, celebrities consider their onesies too cool to be kept inside, which has contributed to its popularity.

“It’s very childlike, almost babyish,” Louise Court, editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, told BBC’s Newsnight.  She observed that the fad for this garment may be down to the present economic environment .”You put it on, it’s nice and cosy, there’s nothing to worry about, maybe it’s like a security blanket. Everybody can wear one and everyone looks equally rubbish.”

Nevertheless, in 2011 a British university carried out an experiment on the effects of wearing the Onepiece jumpsuit in an attempt to solve the integration issue.

Watch the video and use one or more words to complete the following sentences:

  • “The experiment made everything (1) _______________ .”
  • In some British universities up to (2) _______________ are international often creating(3) _________ and (4) __________ barriers between them.
  • The casual outfit was tested during (5) ________________ to  simplify the (6)_________________.
  • It was observed a radical change. The outfit (7) ________________ and they started to form (8) __________ and (9)__________________ groups.
  • They also started to (10)_____________ in more activities outside university.
  • They enjoy wearing their onepiece jumpsuit (11) ______________ ________________ .
  • The experiment was a (12) ________________ and the class average grades increased by over  (13)________________ .
  • The Department now plans to expand the (14) ____________ to (15) ______________ and  (16)______________ courses.

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