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Turn the tables

Reverse one’s position relative to someone else, especially by turning a position of disadvantage into one of advantage.

If we say Africa, the image that comes to our mind is hunger, poverty, corruption or AIDS. Now, a group of South African students and  an aid agency in Norway  – both concerned about the impact of these images in the long term- want to turn  the tables by producing a fictional Christmas appeal video that portrays Norway as a bitterly cold country full of freezing people in need.

“The truth is that there are many positive developments in African countries, and we want these to become known. We need to change the simplistic explanations of problems in Africa. We need to educate ourselves on the complex issues and get more focus on how western countries have a negative impact on Africa’s development. If we want to address the problems the world is facing we need to do it based on knowledge and respect.” (Radi-Aid)


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This entry was posted on 21/11/2012 by in Social Issues.
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