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GM food

Genetically modified food: food from crops whose genes have been scientifically changed.

Since genetically modified food was first put on the market in 1996, there has been much controversy as to whether it is actually safe.

Some scientists argue that in order to meet the demand for food in the developing world, it is needed an increased use of GM crops. While others argue that there is more than enough food in the world and that the hunger crisis is caused by problems in food distribution and politics, not production. Those who defend this farming activity point out ecological concerns as the GM plants could benefit the environment as they will reduce pesticide use.

Last May the British group Take the Flour Back destroyed a field of gm crops.

British battle over GM crops

*Read the summary, click on “listen” to hear the report and then click on “listen” to hear  the vocabulary. Don’t forget to read the definitions.

  • Do you think GM food is safe to eat?
  • Will GM food solve the world’s food shortages?
  • Do you think that countries are right to ban GM food?



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