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Soap Operas

A television or radio drama serial dealing typically with daily events in the lives of the same group of characters. (The origin of this word dates back to 1930s when US soap manufacturers started sponsoring these serials.)

“Soap operas are often considered shallow and addictive.But around the world the genre has succeeded in providing educational entertainment.

A recent research has found that in Rwanda, for example, radio soap operas  are helping defuse the country’s dangerous ethnic tensions.Turkish soap operas have set off a public debate about women’s roles in the Middle East. And in India, where the world’s most popular soap operas are watched by at least one third of the country’s one billion inhabitants, the programmes have a major impact on Indian society, with regard to national integration, identity, globalisation, women and ethics.

From learning how to cope with the personal financial impact of the global economic crisis to dealing with the emotional impact of losing your job, storylines in soap operas around the world are helping millions of viewers and listeners approach their lives with a more positive attitude – thanks to the lives of their favourite fictional characters”. (From BBC )


2 comments on “Soap Operas

  1. M. Encina

    very interesting! I’ve always found the origin of the word quite funny.

    • mjose

      Thank you for all your comments.They keep me on!

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