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An action which is slightly bad or breaks a rule but is not a crime.

Hundreds of US schools have police patrolling the playgrounds and corridors to keep order. But some believe their presence means that an increasing number of pupils are being criminalised for minor classroom offences.

Playing truant, being 10 or 15 minutes late, class disruption  including talking in class, offensive words and fights, not tucking in shirts, or writing on a desk are only some examples of misdemeanour offences for which teenagers have been punished with fines of up to $500.

Some people are worried about this expanding role of police, which is blurring the lines between school discipline and the criminal justice system. This practice makes easier for minor problems in the classroom to end up in the courts, facing the risk of a criminal conviction.Read more.



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This entry was posted on 21/05/2012 by in Education, Reading and writing.
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