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A world of words


  • (of a bird) to make a series of short high sounds.
  • (of a person) to talk quickly and nervously in a high voice, saying very little of importance or interest.
  • a social website on the internet for communicating with people quickly.


Twitter has become the most popular social networking site, but recent criminal cases in UK may suggest that we don’t  know what we can and can’t say on Twitter. The latest involves a student who made racially offensive comments about footballer Fabrice Muamba on Twitter and who has been jailed for 56 days.

Sending messages without thinking is said to be part of the problem. A survey conducted last year found that 65 % of respondents, mainly young people, had no idea of the legal consequences of going online. Some experts suggest that social networking sites such as Facebook, and Twitter might have a warning of what is a criminal offence when people sign up, a message to think before posting something online. Others advice people to ask themselves what they would shout out in a crowded room. Read more


Do you use social networking sites?


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