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 Homeschooling ( home education or home based learning)  is a legal option for parents in many countries, who mention various reasons to homeschool their children. The three most popular chosen by the majority of homeschooling parents in the United States are: concern about the traditional school environment, to provide religious or moral instruction, and dissatisfaction with academic instruction at traditional public and private schools.

Homeschooling may also be a factor in the choice of parenting style and it can be an option for families living in isolated rural locations or living temporarily abroad; also many young athletes and actors are taught at home, where a tutor or teacher helps the child.

Until recently, homeschooling in the US was mostly practised by white families, but a growing number in the black community are now educating their children at home. Some of them because the school was in a “really bad area” and it wasn’t a “good environment”, others because they feel “the social, educational and economic outcomes for black males have been more systematically devastating than the outcomes for any other racial or ethnic group or gender.” (From Wikipedia and BBC News)

Would you like to learn at home? What are its advantages and disadvantages?


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  1. m. encina

    home, sweet home.

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