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To cause food, drink, pills, etc. to move from your mouth into your stomach by using the muscles of your throat.

“A drug which could implant the entire vocabulary of a language into the taker’s body is being trialled in the UK. If successful, it’s predicted that mankind’s centuries-long struggles with foreign language learning could be over in a gulp.

In the past, people who have used too many complicated words to get their messages across have been accused of swallowing the dictionary. Now, thanks to the pioneering work of scientists at the Linguistic Institute of Artificial Replication, it’s become possible to eat – and then regurgitate – the whole of the English language…” (From Words in the news)

This was the piece of news written to celebrate last April Fools’ Day, when English media usually play hoaxes on people.However, it’s not a secret that some of us would like to have that pill at hand. That’s not true for  twenty-year-old Alex Rawlings, who has won a UK competition to find the most multi-lingual student.


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This entry was posted on 30/04/2012 by in Languages.
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