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Every 8th March millions of people celebrate the International Women’s Day, which commemorated its 100th anniversary last year. Although this special day designated by United Nations has lost its political flavour in some regions, in others it is still necessary to bring out the struggles of women.”Empower Rural Women. End Hunger and Poverty” is this year’s theme.

Being a woman in Africa

And now let’s have a look at some interesting facts and statistics about the steps women have taken so far.


2 comments on “Women

  1. santiprofemates

    Let´s go with a non-politically correct opinion (as I’m used to…). I don´t agree with the idea of a Women’s day (at least in the 1st World) and I’m quite sure that many women don’t feel comfortable with this concept. Of course women are as able as men to do anything they want, so why all this paternalist stuff?

    • mjose

      I’ve recently learnt that some information is not transmitted from one generation to the other. So let´s celebrate Women’s Day as a reminder for the women themselves, in order not to forget that we have rights even though some of them have not been given yet.

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