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 “Crippled, helpless, useless, wrecked, stalled ….” and so up to twenty biased synonyms is how a dictionary defines this word. The runner Aimee Mullins , who was born without shinbones, defies these associations and show us in a-bit-long-but-really-brilliant talk how adversity can become an opportunity.

(When you play the video you can click on languages to choose subtitles)


4 comments on “Disabled

  1. Aireen

    She’s incredibly inspiring!

    • mjose

      Apart from what she says, the way she does. Very entertaining.This other talk, from 1998, is very interesting too. You’ll notice she is younger (it’s an interview) and she tells us about her first steps on running. Long but amusing.

      Aimee Mullins on Running

  2. Ángel

    Me ha tenido enganchado desde la primera frase. ¿Para cuándo programas como este en nuestras televisiones españolas?
    ¡Así nos luce!
    Gracias por invitarme a tu blog. Todo un descubrimiento

    • mjose

      You are welcome. I’m glad you like it.

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