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  • Decorate, a floor or pavement, with mosaics.
  • Cover, a plane surface, by repeated use of a single shape, without gaps or overlapping.

Tesselation from Guilherme Maueler on Vimeo. First Prize Winner – Out of Hand International Festival

“Escher sits at his worktable and engages in an exciting world of metamorphosis in his drawings, until it starts to run out of control. This animation is about the relationship between artist and creation. Inspired by the life and work of M.C. Escher, this animation is based on some of his graphic solutions around complex patterns, with the intent of being a light and ludic piece of work that also invites the viewer into the world of Escher’s meta-linguistic subjects.” (From Vimeo)


One comment on “Tessellate

  1. McCarpenter

    Escher is fantastic…and this video too, isn´t it?

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