English around us

A world of words


  •  Ability to control people and events.
  •  The amount of political control a person or group has in a country.
  •  Strength.
  • A natural skill or an ability to do something.
  • A person, organization or country that has control over others, often because of wealth, importance or great military strength.

Last scene of The Great Dictator (1940), the first talking picture written, directed and performed by Charles Chaplin.

  • In your opinion, is power a good or bad thing?
  • If you were a powerful person what would you do?
  • Does your country have a lot of power?
  • Which is the world’s most dangerous power?



4 comments on “Power

  1. maite

    Excellent, impressive

    • mjose

      Yes, it really is.I’m glad you like it.

  2. McCarpenter

    AMEN (do english people use that word?)

    • mjose

      If you agree with something, you say “amen to that”.

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