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Cold shoulder

Penélope Cruz has decided to give fur the cold shoulder , that is  to reject any fur articles of clothing. Wearing fur ( the thick hair that covers the bodies of  some animals) has apparently become fashionable in the trendiest clubs in New York and London; that’s why it’s once more the target of the latest campaign of the most popular animal rights group, PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), which doesn’t hesitate to take advantage of the people in the news. Three years ago, for example, this organisation used an advertisement  which tied Tiger Woods’ sex scandal up with spaying and neutering  pets. It was expected to be in good fun , but I am not sure he would appreciate it.

In our country, animal rights activitists succeeded in  BANNING BULLFIGHTING  in Catalonia in 2010, a decision which took effect last January.

What do you think? Should we keep this tradition? Why? Why not?


3 comments on “Cold shoulder

  1. Santi

    NO! definitely we should NOT. I wonder how the torture of an animal has become the “fiesta nacional” (national party?) and why is it considered as an art. The man becomes the animal, the animal becomes the victim and it brings us to the Middle Ages.

    • mjose

      I think that American people, and probably British too, call it “fiesta” because of Hemingway.La Encina is my town “festival”, 6th December is a “bank holiday” and PP is a “national party” whereas CiU is a regional party.Anyway, at weekends we all go partying.(Maybe you didn’t want so many details but I love all this stuff. Sorry)

      • Santi

        I did! thankyou.

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This entry was posted on 22/02/2012 by in Animals, Reading and writing.
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