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  • A sudden, sharp cracking sound or movement.
  • A sudden loud sound like something breaking or closing; and thus a hurried, irritable tone or manner.
  • An informal photograph (also snapshotwhich is not very skilful or artistic
  • A sudden brief spell of cold or otherwise distinctive weather.

The present cold snap, which hasn’t been so brief, has caused hundreds of deaths all over Europe due to the freezing temperatures. Apart from that, it has showed us as impressive as unusual images of iced wildlife and people playing on frozen rivers.

Imagine you were isolated because of the snow, which three items would you choose to take with you?

                                                                                                                              To Encina


2 comments on “Snap

  1. M. Encina

    I would take my dog, a book and my mobile(cause it has got a radio), but except for the dog, the others were hard to choose. Now that I think about it , a dog can’t be considered an item…poor thing!

    • mjose

      Don’t worry.He (or she, I can’t remember) will be there anyway because I won’t tell him. I haven’t got my three either. Long weekend to think about it.

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