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Ice cream

Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate…. we all enjoy this iced dessert found in Marco Polo’s descriptions from his travels in China. In “Down by Law” , the story of three different men in a prison and their eventual journey  directed by Jim Jarmusch , Jack ( performed by John Lurie), Zack (Tom Waits) and Roberto (Roberto Benigni), an Italian who is trying to learn English very hard, sing a hilarious  song which nearly sparks a mutiny,  a funny useful scream to release stress in our English lessons….or our present daily lives.


                                                                                                                             To Rubén


3 comments on “Ice cream

  1. M. Encina

    Great! It’s been a lot since I saw the film, but I still remember some scenes. Thanks.

  2. Aireen

    Mmmm ice-cream! I wish we were in summer…

  3. santiprofemates

    This is my favorite scene… “very strange mother my mother…” jajajajajaja

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