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“Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts” This is one of the numerous quotes by Charles Dickens (1812-1870), considered … Continue reading

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As a noun (pl solos or soli), a musical composition, song or dance for a single performer. As an adverb, without a companion; alone. As an adjective, being done or … Continue reading

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Coined by Horace Walpole, who took it from the Persian Fairy Tale  The Three Princes of Serendip ( an ancient name for Sri Lanka), this word means the faculty of … Continue reading

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Ice cream

Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate…. we all enjoy this iced dessert found in Marco Polo’s descriptions from his travels in China. In “Down by Law” , the story of three different men in … Continue reading

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Crazy English

Our students in 2º Bach know what Crazy English is, a different method to learn English as quick as possible, getting over shyness and avoiding the embarrassment of making mistakes. I’m … Continue reading

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You have probably seen this word as part of some proper names. We all know that heavy rock band, Iron Maiden; some of us, the least, watched the adventures of … Continue reading

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Witty, strange, unusual …words which define the work of Roald Dahl, one of the most popular storytellers of our time. His stories have always  a twist in the tail, and … Continue reading

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Black Hole

Cosmic body of extremely intense gravity from which nothing, not even light, can escape. ………He should have known that, shouldn’t he? What would you do if you found it? What … Continue reading

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Murmuration is a flock of starlings , those little birds we can see , from time to time, performing a weird choreography as if they were moved by the invisible strings of a … Continue reading

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One of my New Year’s  resolutions has been the firm decision of keeping this new blog alive, focusing on those words that, for one reason or another, could call my attention. … Continue reading

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